The Tower of Dr. Zalost

“The Tower of Dr. Zalost” is about an extremely depressed and generally misunderstood professor, who is incapable of dealing with the sorrowful condition by himself. Overcome by his jealousy of others’s happiness, he lashes out at Nowhere, firing unhappy cannonballs out of his walking tower and plummets the entire town into a state of depression. Through these diabolical means, he attempts to acquire economic elements from the representatives of Nowhere to gain happiness, and, realizing that this does not bring him the relief that he seeks, refuses to undo the situation he has inflicted. With Muriel befalling the effects of the unhappy cannon balls, Courage ventures into the tower of Dr. Zalost to undo the sorrow of Nowhere and the malevolent professor. With danger lurking around every turn, Courage must face the professor and his rat with only a cup of happy plums if he is to ever return to his normal life at home.