Good Copy, Bad Copy

A Galvan (Grey Matter’s race) named Albedo builds his own Omnitrix and is permanently stuck in Ben’s human form (since wearing the Omnitrix, Ben’s DNA has become a default in the Omnitrix). Desperate to find Ben, Albedo resorts to destroying DNAlien hives and Forever Knight castles, demanding information on the teenage Omnitrix wearer. When Gwen and Kevin hear rumors of Ben causing all that damage without them, they’re naturally suspicious of the real Ben, who has been studying for a physics test with Julie the entire time. Gwen and Kevin find “Ben” taking out another hive and stop him. When “Ben” answers Kevin’s questions, his left eye begins to twitch, suggesting that he is lying. The real Ben comes soon after. The fake Ben reveals himself as Albedo, a Galvan, and the creator of the Omnitrix. When he demands the Omnitrix back, his left eye twiches again. Ben, thinking Albedo is a Highbreed, demands that he reveal his face. Albedo tells him this is not possible because he took on Ben’s human form due to Ben’s DNA being set as a default for the Omnitrix. Albedo transforms into Jetray and flies off to a computer factory, but Gwen tracks him with the mana he leaves behind. When they follow him there, Albedo sticks Gwen and Kevin to a wall with packing foam. Ben and Albedo continuously change forms as they fight. When both their Omnitrixes time out, Albedo makes one final plea to Ben to remove the Omnitrix. When Ben refuses, Albedo reaches out and attempts to punch Ben. As Ben steps aside, his Omnitrix locks with Albedo’s. It sends out an energy pulse which turns Albedo’s jacket red and his hair white. Azmuth teleports to the facility and tells the group that Albedo was his assistant who helped him build the Omnitrix. Azmuth takes away Albedo’s Omnitrix, effectively trapping him in his human form, and sends him to a prison in the Null Void, where he plots his revenge and demands chili fries.