Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10: Part 1

The Tennysons pick up the grandson of another Plumber, Cooper Daniels, who is hitching a ride home with them. Meanwhile, a Plumber base within the bullion depository at Fort Knox is robbed by the Circus Freaks and Sublimino. By the time the Tennysons find out, they are too late to help. They soon learn of a second robbery at a Plumber base on the top floors of the Seattle Space Needle, this time run by Rojo (having gained a new cybernetic suit), Animo, Clancy, and Charmcaster. Max discovers that they are searching for the keys to the “Sub Energy”, an extremely potent sub-atomic power source given to the Plumbers by an alien race. They lose the keys to the villains, and attempt to rout them at the Mount Rushmore base, where the S